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“The last thing you want people thinking about in their golden years is money. WA Cares is a really unique program – to know that as you get older, you’re still cared for and you’re still valuable.”


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“The money’s going to be there, just like health insurance. Hopefully, you don’t ever have to use it and if you do have to use the insurance, then it’s there.”


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“Whether you’re younger or older, to have a resource like that and to know that the state is investing in families and taking care of families – it means a lot to me to live in a state that is going the extra mile.”


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“For people of color from minority communities who are already shy about asking for help, they should feel comfortable that when they need it, it’s out there and available. And it’s easy to go ask for help.”


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For questions about the program, you can call 844-CARE4WA toll-free or contact us by email.