Resources for Family Caregivers

Caring for a spouse, parent or other loved one? Explore resources and support for caregivers like you and see how WA Cares can help.

More than 800,000 Washingtonians provide care to a loved one

There are many ways to be a caregiver


Many of us provide care for others out of both necessity and love, and do so without thinking twice. Whether you’re picking up groceries for your neighbor or helping your dad manage his medications—you are a caregiver. 

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Without support, caregiving can take a toll on an entire family


Providing this type of care for a spouse, parent or other loved one can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also feel stressful, isolating, and exhausting.


Family caregivers often experience personal, professional, and financial setbacks. Whether that’s paying for care costs out of pocket, leaving the workforce, or stress impacting their health, caregivers need support too.

how WA cares can help caregivers


If your loved one has a WA Cares benefit, you will be able to get support as you provide them with care starting in July 2026. WA Cares will help families in whatever way works best for them, from becoming a paid caregiver to respite care or other services and supports.

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Earn wages for providing care

Your loved one can use their WA Cares benefit to pay you for the hours you provide care.



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Get a break from caregiving

WA Cares can pay another caregiver to come in to give you time for yourself —also known as respite care.


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Get support with other services

WA Cares covers in-home services (like meal delivery) that can take something off your plate.


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Access educational & mental health resources

Our resources section can help you find free support groups, educational information, and other programs.


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Caregiver Stories

Resources for Caregivers


In addition to WA Cares family caregiver supports, there are lots of additional services and supports available through other organizations and state benefits.

Emotional support for caregivers



Services for unpaid caregivers


Interested in becoming a paid family caregiver?