Care Stories 


Watch and read stories from real Washingtonians whose families have been impacted by caregiving and long-term care.

Maria from Lakewood, WA

I want my parents to know that I'm here for them if they need help.

Maria keeps her work part-time to be available to provide care to her aging parents. She and her sister stop by their parents’ home several days each week to help with household tasks and take their parents to medical appointments to translate and advocate on their behalf.

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Arun from Bothell, WA

WA Cares will provide a majority of people peace of mind, for when you need some time off to take care of yourself while taking care of the family.

Arun’s father has dementia and needs constant supervision. For families like Arun’s, caregiver support is critical.

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Sally from Seattle, WA

Having the one-on-one care makes a big difference. I can go out and go grocery shopping in between things. I can go for walks with people.

Sally’s partner Patty has an in-home caregiver who helps Patty do daily activities and gives Sally a break.

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Sawyer from Ellensburg, WA

You never know when you may become disabled. I thought I was invincible. Having these funds to help support, help secure yourself, I just think that’s so important.

After becoming paralyzed, Sawyer needs help with tasks like showering and dressing.

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Sun-Hee & Yunhee from Seattle, WA

We want her to be safe, happy and content. But we haven’t been working during this time, so we have zero income. A resource like WA Cares would be so helpful in easing that financial aspect.

Sisters Sun-Hee and Yunhee stepped back from their nursing careers to provide daily care for their mom.

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Dani from Asotin, WA

I’d never really seen anyone my age need long-term care until it happened to me. Life happens to all of us. At any point in time, you could experience a serious illness or an injury or a traumatic event.

At 30, Dani experienced a complication during a routine medical procedure that left her with a spinal cord injury.

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KD from Shoreline, WA

The last thing you want people thinking about in their golden years is money. WA Cares is a really unique program – to know that as you get older, you’re still cared for and you’re still valuable.

KD is grateful to have her mother-in-law living in her home but says care-related expenses can take a toll.

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