How to Become a Paid Family Caregiver

Through the WA Cares Fund, if the person you're caring for has earned WA Cares benefits, you can become a paid caregiver—even if you're caring for your own spouse.

Become a paid family caregiver

Did you know beginning in July 2026, WA Cares Fund can be used to pay family caregivers? This can help offset caregiving expenses and lost wages.

Benefits for caregivers


If you’ve had to take time off or even quit your job to care for someone, becoming a paid family caregiver can help cover lost income. As a paid caregiver, you also get other benefits from being a part of the workforce, such as Social Security, WA Cares benefits, and medical insurance.

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How to get started


First, in order to become a paid family caregiver through WA Cares, the person you’re caring for must be eligible for WA Cares benefits. Once their application is approved, they will be able to choose you as their provider and pay you for the care you provide. The next step is for you to sign up as a provider through WA Cares.


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Steps to become a paid caregiver

WA Cares benefits become available July 1, 2026. Here’s how the process for becoming a paid family caregiver will work:

1  Check to see if your loved one has contributed to the WA Cares Fund


Your loved one must meet WA Cares contribution requirements in order to use this benefit.


2  Your loved one will apply to access their benefit


Once their application is approved, they will be able to use their benefit to pay you for the care you provide.


3  You apply to become a provider


WA Cares will provide more detail on this process as July 2026 approaches.


4  Start getting paid for providing care for your loved one


Once you are a registered provider, your loved one can approve an authorization for the care you provide.

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